Flexiciency, FutureFlow and InteGrid portrayed in new brochure!

BRIDGE, the cooperation group of H2020 projects in the areas of smart grids and energy storage, recently published an insightful brochure. BRIDGE is part of the European Commission’s effort to envision an integrated energy system based on efficiency and low-carbon technologies. The projects undertaken in the name of BRIDGE are all designed to deliver energy sustainability and consumer benefits.

The new brochure gives a detailed overview of the BRIDGE initiative and its related projects by channelling data management, business models, regulations, and consumer engagement into useful project results for energy efficiency. Projects are portrayed in factsheets  and interesting statistics, including Flexiciency, FutureFlow and InteGrid, with cyberGRID’s participation!

The brochure contains factsheets of all H2020 projects. cyberGRID is part of projects Flexiciency, FutureFlow, and InteGrid.

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These projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.