Dear Customer, Partner,

cyberGRID would like to announce that there has been a change in company ownership.

In recent months several important events and decisions took place which could have an implication on company cyberGRID’s future growth potential. In order to achieve maximum development potential including providing the best possible services to cyberGRID customers, Reinhard Korsitzke, Peter Nemcek and Marko Svetina decided to re-aquire 76% capital share from Toshiba Corporation.

Due to strategic considerations, Toshiba Corporation decided to transfer its entire share in cyberGRID GmbH to its co-shareholders, namely, Mr. Peter Nemcek M.Sc., Ing. Reinhard Korsitzke and Mr. Marko Svetina, and fully abstain from management functions and ownership in cyberGRID GmbH.  Following such exit and divestiture Toshiba Corporation has no special relationship with cyberGRID GmbH any longer.  From now on cyberGRID GmbH pursues its operations independently from Toshiba group and the new shareholders will undertake the full responsibility for management of cyberGRID GmbH.

“We believe cyberGRID has a bright future ahead, and the size and potential of our current and new projects reflects that strong confidence,” said Reinhard Korsitzke, cyberGRID’s CEO. “While most of our attention will focus on providing software solutions to support energy flexibility, we know that the Energy market is changing very rapidly in the last years and we need to be on the top of this transformation.”


About cyberGRID

cyberGRID is a software solution provider for virtual power plants, demand response solutions, microgrids and flexibility platforms. It plays a major role supporting electricity utilities across Europe to expand their markets by providing advanced flexibility services to their consumers and hence increasing revenues. Additionally, it is very active in pan-European innovative projects supported by EU FP7 and Horizon 2020 programs.