cyberGRID, the Austrian Smart Grid Lab!

A recent report published by the JRC – Joint Research Centre presents brandnew results on worldwide activities delivered by smart grid laboratories. Serving as the scientific and technical arm of the European Commission, the JRC greatly contributes to the evaluation of ongoing Smart Grid developments.

In this function, the JRC posted an online questionnaire to collect information from laboratories to be used for the JRC Science for Policy Report on Smart Grid Laboratories Inventory 2016. The document provides valuable insight on smart grid topics of research, the technologies and the standards used by opinion-leading organizations conducting smart grid activities at a laboratory level. Representing a useful tool to monitor smart grid activities performed in laboratories, the report was designed to strengthen the cooperation between smart grid stakeholders and participants. One of the findings puts cyberGRID on stage: cyberGRID is the Austrian Smart Grid Lab!

What does cyberGRID’s function as a smart grid laboratory entail?

Smart grid labs are designed to conduct end-to-end testing of smart grid technology before it is rolled out live. Their main customers are utility companies, the academic community, and industrial companies. With the purpose of warranting quality management for utility customers, and ensuring the smooth technological launch of all elements, smart grid labs perform intense testing before equipment and control systems are deployed out onto the live grid. Furthermore, laboratories also communicate technical feedback to manufacturers to help improve their products, and to support the market overall.  So smart grid laboratories, such as cyberGRID, are of great value to utility companies in forming their distribution strategies.

 You can download the JRC Scientific and Technology Report here >>