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cyberNOC is a scalable ICT system that pools flexible resources in a Virtual Power Plant and exploits the flexible capacity for different markets, helps solving imbalances and addresses grid stability issues. Flexible resources include decentralized generation units, renewables, industrial and commercial loads, energy storage systems, residential users and other resources.

The whole system operates on second-by-second basis, which enables quick responses.

cyberNOC collects measurement data, calculates baselines (forecasting), aggregates loads, advanced algorithms build a combination of available resources for each curtailment event and execute them in a timely manner. Other functionalities as product prediction, bidding, merit order, support the customer daily trading operation.

cyberNOC with its flexibility and scalability can be used for small demonstration purposes, pilot projects or can grow to an Enterprise level solution covering GW-scale deployments. New resources are seamlessly connected to the system using a  wide array of communication protocols.

At the moment, the system is successfully operating in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and is implemented in various R&D, Demo and Pilot projects around Europe.



cyberNOC can be a valuable asset for many stakeholders in the energy industry.

Network operators

Due to various parameters, the importance of optimizing the network operations is getting higher and higher: growing supply-demand imbalance – coupled with the increased introduction of fluctuating energy sources and new technologies integrated to the grid are just some of them.

Maintaining the security of supply amplifies the role of a network operator within the energy value chain. This requires the deployment of new technologies in order to be able to deal with the upcoming issues of grid stability and the coordination of market actions.

cyberNOC empowers a network operator with end-to-end visibility which is essential for efficient grid management:

  • cyberNOC enables you to respond quickly to new information.
  • cyberNOC’s real-time-information on connected low- and medium-voltage-level resources increases both the monitoring and the grid-control-capabilities and enables quick response to stress on the grid.
  • By grouping loads according to the geographical location, various resource parameters, customer parameters, etc. cyberNOC supports the definition of suitable demand response products that can be activated when needed.
Integrating cyberNOC with it´s existing control tools, smart metering, micro grid management solutions and various other grid technologies adds a new level of possibilities to your existing assets.


Third Energy Package for Electricity & Gas Markets and the Framework Guidelines on Network Balancing from the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) are opening new opportunities for demand side management. They both encourage the use of tools for aggregation of small generation units and different loads and the use of the flexible capacity to participate in balancing services. In other words, the Network Code on Balancing encourages wider facilitation of demand response and supports virtual power plants like cyberNOC to become Balance Service Provider.

cyberNOC is an ideal solution to connect distributed generation and consumers in real-time, aggregate capacity and execute events in times of need. A retailer with access to consumers and markets, can use the aggregated capacity to bid on ancillary services markets, trade on Intra-Day- and Day-Ahead-Markets and minimize imbalance risks within the balance group.

By connecting consumers with flexible capacity to cyberNOC, they can be offered with new services, direct access to energy and capacity markets and new revenue-packages.

Smart Cities

Cities are looking into becoming their own energy supplier, either to being able to provide cheaper electricity to their citizens or to increase their independence.

cyberNOC enables cities to engage local generation units, roof top solar, heat pumps, electrical vehicles, large commercial and industrial loads and manage energy in a more efficient ways. This increases awareness of energy use, leads to low-carbon city and improves the green image. Additionally, managing your own generation and consumption increases independence on energy supply.

Vertically integrated utilities

cyberNOC enables optimization of the whole energy value chain, from generation, transmission to end consumption.

cyberNOC engages consumers to better manage peak demand and voltage regulation. Using smart metering and real-time information helps to manage grids better, reduces the number of outages and hence improves the quality of power supply.

cyberNOC supports the optimization of generation portfolio, even if there are lots of renewables connected.

While integrating consumers in different demand response programs, a utility can offer new services to customers and enables active participation in the energy and capacity markets. Additionally, demand side management helps managing the imbalance for within balancing responsible party.

 Services we offer 

cyberNOC can be purchased as a commercial developers license including re-sell options for diffferent markets. On request, we could establish consulting, training and programmers support. For more details please contact us!