May 27th-31th, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden

The International Conference on the European Energy Market is a premier forum for the exchange of ideas, open and direct discussion on the development of the energy markets in Europe. This is the 10th European Energy Market Conference (EEM13) 2013 in Stockholm.

Peter Nemcek, cyberGRID’s VP Research & Development, will be speaking on practical aspects of “Energy on Demand”, as exemplified by the international eBADGE project. The project’s objective is to propose an optimal pan-European Intelligent Balancing mechanism capable of integrating Virtual Power Plant Systems by means of an integrated communication infrastructure with the purpose of assisting the management of the electricity Transmission and Distribution grids in an optimized, controlled and secure manner.

Demand Response will play a significant role in the future integrated balancing market allowing Virtual Power Plants, comprising Demand Response and Distributed Generation resources to compete on equal ground.

The conference will provide a stage for presentations, poster sessions, a social program with keynote speakers from European institutions, industries, market agents and prominent academicians who will be discussing a variety of energy topics.

Special Sessions:

  • Integrating the full electricity market chains into the European Internal Energy Market: challenges and opportunities
  • E-Price: trade-off reliability and costs
  • Longer-term energy outlooks