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Energy Future Day

A Glance into the Future of Sustainable Energy Solutions

Event Overview

Energy Future Day, hosted by ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria, is set to take place on June 20, 2024, at the Vienna Twin Tower. This year’s motto is "Innovations and sustainable solutions in the energy industry". The event promises an engaging program that spans from keynote speeches to panel discussions, centered around the practical and innovative applications of green energy technologies.

Highlights of the Program

The event will kick off at 13:00 with a welcoming session. The formal proceedings begin at 14:00 with a series of insightful presentations from distinguished speakers:

1. Thomas Torda, Managing Director of ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria - "Green electricity marketing - innovative offers";

2. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Josef H. Zauner, Finance Manager at IMMOFINANZ AG - "Virtual power plant for Immofinanz AG - Best Practice";

3. Christian Oberger, Managing Director of OBERGER GmbH - "Conversion of the bus fleet to electric drive";

4. Stefan Gappmayer, Head of Trade at ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria - "New limit capacity determination (market coupling)", "New models for market participation (EPEX)";

5. Lukas Seemann, Project Manager at CyberGrid GmbH - "Flexibility marketing on the balancing market".

The presentations will be followed by the panel discussion, titled "Success factors for green electricity marketing," will feature a dialogue among experts about the challenges and opportunities in marketing self-produced green electricity. The event will finish with a Flying Buffet, providing further opportunities for attendees to discuss the day’s topics and build professional connections.

Location: Vienna Twin Tower, Thirty-Five, Wienerbergstraße 11, 1100

Event details

Vienna, Austria
Jun 20, 2024

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