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INTERRFACE 2nd Annual Flexibility Solutions webinar 2022

February 25 9:30 - 12:30


The second edition of the INTERRFACE Flexibility Solutions webinar will focus on how new solutions can connect the consumers to the power system through unlocking their potential flexibility capacities.

In this endeavour we will explore how the core development of INTERRFACE, the IEGSA platform can serve as a link for consumers and what the various approaches of other Horizon 2020 projects can bring to the table, alongside with the consumers’ view on their role in the new world of electricity services.


InterConnect Letters

In the section “H2020 project zone” of the webinar, Project InterConnect will be presented as a great example of consumer-driven flexibility capacity. This EU-funded consortium working towards real interoperability between smart homes, buildings and grids aims to advance the democratization of efficient energy management by demonstrating a real digital flexibility market for electrical systems.



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