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Stationary energy storage technologies and applications for future distributed energy systems 2022

WEBINAR - POWER AND ENERGYAbout the presentations:Tiago Lagarteira: Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical technologies for efficient energy storage and conversionDue to the intermittent nature of renewable power generation, electrical grids need to be steadily balanced or compensated to avoid the use of using fossil fuels for electricity generation. Advanced batteries or storing renewable electricity into chemicals (energy vectors) will be crucial to achieve the full decarbonisation of our economy. But, the market penetration of such technologies strongly depends on the type of application and on a strong interplay between efficiency, response time, scalability and cost. Redox flow batteries or Power-to-X energy storage systems have important advantages compared to the more mature technologies. The decoupling between power from capacity and being able to store energy for longer periods and transport it through larger distances will enable the decarbonise of industries where there are not still today alternative to fossil fuels.Ricardo Siva: Energy management tools for distributed energy storage connected to distribution networks and renewable energy communitiesThe increased robustness of forecasting tools has enabled the migration of predictive energy management from an academic research topic to real-life applications. Such applications are now being used not only for planning but also for the operational scheduling of controllable and flexible assets in electrical power systems. This webinar will focus on three use cases within this topic, explored by our team in recent projects, namely the management of microgrids, hybrid parks and Renewable Energy Communities integrating distributed energy storage. Special attention will be given to the battery modeling and the search for the right balance between tractability and accuracy in their design.

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Sep 29, 2022
Sep 29, 2022

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