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Technologies and Intelligence for smart buildings 2021

October 27 11:00 - 17:00


  • David Rua: Unlocking flexibility in buildings

Approaches to the quantification of flexibility in buildings and aggregation strategies for optimal energy efficiency actions through private-by-design data exchange mechanisms.


  • Josef Baumeister: Climate change – ways to interoperable energy management

Climate change is a must but also a major challenge in these days and the near future. This leads to a shift from fossil and nuclear to renewable energy production including a paradigm shift from “production follows demand” towards “demand follows production”.

This presentation describes the path from the idea of using the wind energy in Norderstedt nearby Hamburg as efficiently as possible to interoperable management of devices at home such as a flexible washing cycle, initiated by the user and controlled by an energy manager. Interoperability in this context means that a washing machine from manufacturer A can be replaced by a device from manufacturer B without having to replace the energy management infrastructure.

Existing standards (SPINE data model, EN 50631-x) as well as new technologies (SAREF ontology enhanced with Graph Pattern and knowledge Interaction) are explained in this context.

Last, the bridge is drawn to Interoperability Testing Methodology.


October 27
11:00 - 17:00