During the ICSG Istanbul Smart Cities Panel, project manager Andraz Andolsek presented cyberGRID’s proprietary flexibility platform and its application in the Horizon2020 project FutureFlow.

Soon, consumers and prosumers will take an important role in the stability and security of the power network. At the ICSG Istanbul conference in April2019, project manager Andraz Andolsek presented how our modular cyberNOC technology exploits flexible capacity for different markets, helps to solve imbalances, and how it addresses grid stability issues. Meeting the changing demands of electricity markets, our system has proven to be a relevant pillar in the Horizon2020 project FutureFlow.

Thanks to the FutureFlow project, cyberGRID’s scalable ICT platform is now able to provide balancing services to the aFRR markets. Over 2018, the technology was tested in cross-border pilot tests between 4 TSOs and real-life consumers/prosumers gathered from those 4 control zones, i.e Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Romania.

The pilot tests have proved that consumers/prosumers are able to contribute reliable balancing services to the TSOs. With the help of consumers and prosumers alike, the EU is closer to achieving the desired CO2-reduction goals, a reduction in the number of fossil-fuelled conventional power plants, and realizing a decrease in electrical bills for all consumers.     

      Andraz Andolsek speaking at ICSG 2019


Andraz Andolsek presents FutureFlow at ICSG 2019



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement No 691777.