At the European Utility Week 2018 in Vienna, project FutureFlow showed its new video to the general public for the first time

Prosumer engagement: Addressing the need for more flexible assets in the energy sector

Project FutureFlow puts prosumers at the heart of the energy sector and enables them to become a new environmentally friendly source of flexibility for TSOs and save up to 23% of regulating energy.

To illustrate the project’s objectives and prosumers’ important involvement, a 3-minute video was made to support the idea that prosumers are the guardians of the power system. The new clip premiered at the European Utility Week 2018, which took place in Vienna from November 6 – 8.

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Real prosumers from Austria, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia took part in our cross-border pilot.
Prosumers can deliver high quality and flexibility services to TSO.

(Screenshots taken from the video)

Scenes from EUW2018: