cyberGRID was participating as exhibitor and speaker at SG Paris, the benchmark trade show for the Smart Grids sector.

More than 200 speakers were presenting the newest developments for hot topics such as smart grids, smart metering, and smart cities.

cyberGRID, being a pioneer in the field of energy balancing in Europe, as well as Austria’s only provider of demand response-based virtual power plant technology, was invited to speak on the most relevant novelties in the technological area.

cyberGRID keynote speaker
Marko Svetina, cyberGRID’s Vice-President of Strategy and Alliances, was hosting a keynote session (“G”), focusing on the integration of renewable energies, an issue of major importance to energy providers and grid operators. The task of keeping energy supply and infrastructure stable and reliable has been increasingly difficult to fulfill, as new distributed sources of renewable energies have been flooding the grid. cyberGRID’s demand response system solutions improve the efficient integration of renewable energy sources. This technology thus generates new capacities through pooling, making it an indispensable component of large-scale energy distribution and consumption.


cyberGRID Project Presentation – eBADGE
Real-life project examples illustrate cyberGRID’s contribution to improving Europe’s energy supply. During their keynote, Marko Svetina and Darko Kramar, Head of the Transmission System Operation Division at Elektro Ljubljana were showcasing eBADGE, a joint project with the objective of proposing an optimal pan-European Intelligent Balancing mechanism capable of integrating Virtual Power Plant Systems. This was done by means of an integrated communication infrastructure that can assist in the management of the electricity Transmission and Distribution grids in an optimized, controlled and secure manner.

Round Table
Management of peak demand and demand-response was the topic of round table 9, with Marko Svetina speaking on the benefits of “Energy on Demand”.