Peter Nemcek, cyberGRID’s VP of Research & Development, will be speaking on practical experiences of a virtual power plant.

Demand response and active management of distributed generation has lately been used in Europe as one of the important tools for balancing consumption and generation of electricity. Intermittency of renewable resources is bringing new risks to the power sector, which in the future will be manageable only with the help of new technologies.

VIRTUAL POWER PLANT is an advanced ICT system which connects demand response and distributed generation resources into aggregation that can be used in a way similar to a peaking power plant for ancillary services, imbalances reduction and optimization of electricity trading portfolio.

For efficient operation the virtual power plant needs real time measurement data with at least minute by minute readings. This is usually not supported by the majority of today’s AMI systems, since they normally update the central database only once per day with 15 minutes readings. Furthermore, simultaneous requests from a billing centre and a virtual power plant may collide and hinder the data transfer. Because of that, the pulse counter and duplication of the communication path have been in practice ever since.

The new generation of the Landis+Gyr smart meters allows the set-up of two independent load profiles and two independent communication channels. This fulfils operational requirements for both: the virtual power plant and the billing centre.

The presentation describes the pilot project of integration of the new smart meters and the cyberGRID virtual power plant and shares the first practical experiences.

Location: Congress centre THERMANA Spa