Vattenfall and cyberGRID GmbH sign Memorandum of Understanding to jointly deploy Demand Response (DR) facilities in Europe

Vattenfall, one of Europe´s leading generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat, and cyberGRID GmbH, Europe´s leading technology provider for DR system solutions, announce their alliance to jointly run Vattenfall’s DR project with the City of Hamburg. The Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed in Berlin in the presence of Konstantin Faller, Head of Strategic Projects, Market Strategy & Business Development at Vattenfall Europe and Reinhard Korsitzke, CEO at cyberGRID.
In cooperation with the ‘Ministry of Urban Development and Environment’ (BSU) in Hamburg, Vattenfall is partnering with industrial and commercial companies in Hamburg to identify potential DR loads. cyberGRID provides experienced DR consultancy services and a load aggregation software. Providing DR services to Vattenfall´s existing and emerging energy markets in Europe, and aggregating industrial and commercial consumers with Demand Response capacity, provides opportunities for an extended cooperation.
The alliance demonstrates the strong commitment of both companies to enhance the deployment of industrial and commercial DR capacities in Europe by responding to the challenges Europe faces today and in the near future. The challenges include increasing grid stability, efficient integration of renewable energy resources, and reliability to prevent blackouts.
“We continue to explore new market possibilities that support Vattenfall´s vision and strategic direction, creating a strong and diversified European energy portfolio with significant growth options and developing environmentally sustainable energy production,” says Konstantin Faller, Head of Strategic Projects at Vattenfall Europe in Berlin.
“We are proud to collaborate with Vattenfall and offer a unique DR system solution. We are even more excited about the opportunity this partnership can bring to European DR market potentials with focus on industry and commerce,” says Reinhard Korsitzke, CEO at cyberGRID.
About Vattenfall:
Vattenfall is one of Europe´s generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. The group has about 38.000 employees. Operations are conducted in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Vattenfall´s main products are electricity, heat and gas.
About cyberGRID:
cyberGRID is specialized in development and deployment of Demand Response solutions. cyberGRID offers an advanced ICT solution that matches up a variety of distributed generation resources with demand response capabilities (industrial and commercial) and aggregates those resources into a clean energy asset that acts like a conventional peaking power plant. Demand Response Plants can be deployed on a GW-scale at utility level. Based in Vienna, Austria and offices in, Germany, UK and Slovenia.
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