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Helping electricity utilities, aggregators, system operators, prosumers and energy communities to unlock flexibility potential

CyberGrid offers innovative cloud-based flexibility management technology, consulting services and research in the EU power sector.
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What we bring to the table

Our expertise as a first mover in the integration of renewable energies, storage systems and demand side management is your real-time advantage. CyberGrid, flexibility experts since 2010.

Our services

Let our professional consultancy services help you develop and monetize your energy flexibility.
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Our product

Use our market-proven and award-winning technology for the optimization of your distributed energy
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Our team

Meet our multi-national team of experts in Power Markets, Energy Management and Smart Grids.
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Meet our Award-Winning Technology,
The Cloud to #NetZero

Unpredictable markets require the tools that bring you certainty. The ever-changing power market and regulatory demands have challenged even the most experienced experts. Let CyberGrid add intelligence and scalability to your services. Our cloud-based technology seamlessly integrates and monetizes distributed resources for a secure and clean grid.

CyberGrid, Flexibility Experts since 2010.
Increase your revenues
Take your energy business to the next level and connect your flexibilities to various energy markets.
Manage & extend your assets‘ life
Enjoy a more efficient use of your existing energy infrastructure and extend your investments.
Offer new products to customers
Surprise your customers with new and cleaner products and services.
Fast deployment time
Unlock the flexible potential from consumers, distributed generators and battery storage devices
within 3-6 months.
Accelerate the energy transition
Contribute to a fossil-free energy network by integrating your renewable energy resources.
Achieve fast ROI
Channel additional capacity to ancillary services markets and reduce the cost of grid management.

In numbers

CyberNoc deployments
Partners throughout Europe
Sum of all flexibility (MW) integrated
Sum of all assets and units

Integrating energy assets for utilities, DSO, commercial and industrial clients

We develop solutions that are fully integrated into our customers’ existing infrastructure.
“Strong and active collaboration of CyberGrid in Horizon Europe and ETIP SNET is enriching the European innovation landscape with visionary ideas and solutions for a sustainable and green energy future.“
Antonello Monti
“With CyberGrid technology, we have the key to energy autonomy in the Austrian province of Salzburg. Together with CyberGrid’s experienced team, we co-developed new product offerings based on locally generated electricity. And that’s what counts to our energy-aware regional consumers: Even small-scale water plants make a significant contribution to a secure and clean supply of electricity.“
Stefanie Kritzer
Salzburg AG
“The pioneering role of CyberGrid in introducing demand response flexibility to the balancing markets helped ELES turn towards innovative balancing solutions, which initiated a stream of further developments in the field of deep electrification.“
Uroš Salobir
ELES (Slovenia)

We offer results

Start your digital transformation journey today and discover what’s possible for your business tomorrow.
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