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Located in Vienna, Austria, cyberGRID was  founded in 2010 as a specialist in the development of innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solutions.

cyberGRID focuses on consulting, training, research and development within its core strength dedicated to the new energy area.

cyberGRID provides consulting and support services for the implementation of VPPs and business models in a range of research projects, such as evolvDSO (EU-FP7), hybrid-VPP4DSO (A-KLIEN, FFG), Flexiciency (EU-H2020), FutureFlow (EU-H2020) and InteGrid (EU-H2020). Our research partners include, among others, AIT, APG, EDF, EDP, ELES, Endesa, ENEL, ERDF, ESB, GEN-I, RWE, SAP, Vattenfall, Verbund, TU Graz, TU Vienna.

cyberGRID boosts the efficient use of existing generation resources, storage, and the integration of renewable energy resources. We thus continuously contribute to the European-wide research agenda. cyberGRID offers an IT platform for a decentralised grid with storage capacities and large Shares of intermittent energy.

cyberGRID – Real time research for right time Decisions



  • Research and Know-How provider
  • Demand Response Management (DRM) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) know-how is our core
  • Help you to manage your energy future NOW
  • Renewable Energy Resource integration
  • Owner of top-end market-proven technology and consultancy
  • European wide research partner network

 cyberGRID Management 

Reinhard Wöber, CEOReinhard_Korsitzke2 klein

Reinhard Wöber (geb. Korsitzke), more than 20 years of business experience, is CEO of cyberGRID. Reinhard is member of the National Technology Platform Smart Grids. He is experienced in international projects in industry, power generation and smart grids. A multiple entrepreneur, he has worked in countries like South Korea, South Africa, Russia, Chile and EU member states. Reinhard holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Marko Svetina, VP Strategies & AlliancesMarko_Svetina_1_klein

Marko Svetina, M.Sc., 15 years of business experience, is Managing Director and Vice President Strategy and Alliances at cyberGRID. Marko is an active member of European SmartGrids Technology Platform/ WG3. He is experienced in international projects in the area of distributed power generation, biogas, cogeneration and transmission. Moreover, he is an expert of energy optimization systems through Demand Side Management. Marko holds a Master’s degree in Finance and BA.


Peter_Nemcek_kleinPeter Nemcek, VP R&D

Peter Nemcek, M.Sc.E.E. is an expert in demand response and co-founder of cyberGRID. He has 15 years of experiences in energy, industrial and building automation, electricity markets and power exchanges. From 2008 on, he has initiated and participated in several EU funded Smart Grid projects. He is a member of professional societies like SmartGrids Technology Platform. At cyberGRID, as Vice President of the R&D department, his role is to design, guide and supervise the development of the full range of VPP technologies. In addition, he is the head of all research and development. Peter holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

 The Growth of cyberGRID 


  • Magnitude project kick-off
  • InteGrid project kick-off


  • cyberGRID has been awarded with MongoDB Innovation Award 2016 in category Enterprise Startup
  • cyberGRID is “openADR ready”
  • FutureFlow project kick-off
  • cyberNOC software “enters” the secondary reserve market in Austria


  • Third version of VPP software released (cyberNOC 3.0)
  • Flexiciency project kick-off
  • cyberGRID’s founders re-acquire the share from TOSHIBA
  • FutureFlow proposal approved


  • Hybrid- VPP4DSO project kick-off
  • Growing team and more presence at commercial markets
  • cyberGRID represents SEDC in the EC Smart Grid Taskforce Steering Committee and leads SEDC DSO Working group
  • First project comes to live: Elektro Ljubljana joint VPP starts bidding on the Market


  • Second version of VPP software released (cyberNOC 2.0)
  • evolvDSO project kick-off (European R&D consortium with Enel) for efficient DRES integration in distribution networks
  • cyberGRID majority share acquired by TOSHIBA Corporation


  • Landis+Gyr smart meter pilot order received, partnership in place for an additional project for Elektro Ljubljana
  • eBADGE R&D project proposal approved


  • Joining “National Technology Platforms” of Austria and Slovenia
  • First version of VPP software released (cyberNOC 1.0)
  • Joint Venture with Elektro Ljubljana – Start of Elektro Ljubljana Project


  • cyberGRID GmbH founded to pursue end-markets in the smart grid solutions area by Marko Svetina, Peter Nemcek and Reinhard Korsitzke
  • European Demand Response Center kickoff, cyberGRID as Project Coordinator
  • Joining the European Technology Platform – Work Group 3
  • Launch of the “Smart Energy Demand Coalition” in Brussels, cyberGRID as a founding member

 Your Contact 

Nicole Klyma, Assistant to MD´s and Office Management

E-Mail: nicole.klyma(at)cyber-grid.com
Phone: + 43 1 481 2626 11

Peter Nemcek, Head of R&DPeter Nemcek, Managing Director

E-Mail: peter.nemcek(at)cyber-grid.com
Phone: +43 1 481 2626 11


Gudrun Tockner, Human Resources & RecruitingGudrun Tockner - HR

E-Mail: gudrun(at)tockner.com
Phone: +43 676 618 6616