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About CyberNoc, our Flexibility Management Platform

Flexible energy resources come in different shapes and sizes. In the ongoing transformation of the power supply industry, we are moving away from centralised generation to distributed generation, to integrate flexible resources such as renewable energies, industrial and commercial loads, energy storage systems (batteries), residential users/producers, and others. Let our technology add a new level of possibilities to your energy assets. Develop new business models. Participate in energy markets.

With our cloud-based technology you can seamlessly integrate and monetize distributed resources for a secure and clean grid. CyberGrid’s digital platform “CyberNoc” provides seamless and secure flexibility aggregation and monetization on different electricity markets (ancillary services, balancing, intraday, day-ahead, etc.) and can be used by network operators, retailers, and implemented in smart city solutions, among others. This gives CyberGrid a presence in 24 different countries and over 100 partners.

Add intelligence to the energy future

Our scalable technology pools flexible energy resources into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), thereby connecting flexibility providers to the various layers of energy markets (retailers, traders, prosumers, DSO, TSO, …).

Our VPP collects unused or not properly used flexibility and channels it to the electricity system, a function that indeed serves the constantly growing renewable generation.
Unlock the flexible potential
Connect distributed resources seamlessly to our system using a wide array of communication protocols.
Gain efficiency
Use the existing energy infrastructure efficiently and extend your energy assets’ life cycle.
Minimise power outages
Increase grid control and respond quickly to stress on the grid with our automated real-time information.
Environmentally friendly
Manage renewable energies and storage systems with our platform and accelerate the decarbonisation of electricity.

We can help you to monetise your energy assets

With its embedded control tools, smart metering, microgrid management solutions and various other grid services, our technology will auto-manage and optimize your distributed flexibilities.
Direct access to energy markets
Participate in all relevant European markets with our platform.
Optimized schedules
Let our cloud-based technology find the best rates for your delivery.
Software as a Service
Subscribe to our award-winning platform and have your own VPP.
Balancing markets
Deliver your capacity to ancillary services markets and reduce the cost of grid management.
Grid stability
Ensure the security of supply while also monetising your flexibilities.
Interoperable solution
Enable a seamless data exchange between your different flexibility resources with our highly interoperable communication protocol.

Valuable asset for many stakeholders in the energy industry

Our software system operates on two-second intervals for system communications. With CyberNoc, customers can leverage their energy business because it is an open platform with advanced analytics, offering plug-and-play modularity and scalability.
“With CyberGrid technology, we have the key to energy autonomy in the Austrian province of Salzburg. Together with CyberGrid’s experienced team, we co-developed new product offerings based on locally generated electricity. And that’s what counts to our energy-aware regional consumers: Even small-scale water plants make a significant contribution to a secure and clean supply of electricity.“
Stefanie Kritzer
Salzburg AG
“The pioneering role of CyberGrid in introducing demand response flexibility to the balancing markets helped ELES turn towards innovative balancing solutions, which initiated a stream of further developments in the field of deep electrification.“
Uroš Salobir
ELES (Slovenia)
“Strong and active collaboration of CyberGrid in Horizon Europe and ETIP SNET is enriching the European innovation landscape with visionary ideas and solutions for a sustainable and green energy future.“
Antonello Monti

Why choose our flexibility management platform

Winner of the Power Network Innovation Award, our system is distinguished as the best technology for smart grids and power networks.
Our technology is your one-stop control platform! Operating on a second-by-second basis, it collects measurement data, calculates baselines (forecasting), and aggregates loads. Use our technology to participate in European markets, while also addressing grid stability issues.
Energy experts agree: Decarbonisation can only be achieved by incorporating RES (renewable energies) in a cross-border effort regardless of the energy resource’s country of origin. Our platform operates precisely in support of such alternative balancing.
Prosumers involved
End-consumers operating their own renewable power units have proven to play a significant
role in the reliability mix and the balancing market. Our technology aggregates even the smallest loads
and helps energy players to become fossil-independent.

We offer results

Start your digital transformation journey today and discover what’s possible for your business tomorrow.
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