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CyberGrid, flexibility experts since 2010.

How can we help you pool your flexibilities resources and assets?

We offer a variety of flexibility solutions

CyberGrid services provide you with solutions to tackle the energy challenges Europe is facing today. Let’s work together with renewables and storage for a clean and stable grid.

How do we integrate your assets into your VPP?

We consult in the monetization of assets and new services for your clients, delivered through our VPP platform.
Commercial & Industry
We analyze C&I processes to jointly find an optimal use case for you to gain market access.
BESS & RES investors & operators
We build business cases for investors and facilitate the connection of your assets to the right markets.
We grow the value chain to reach a win-win-win to include OEMs, Service Providers, or investors.
New market players
We consult Aggregators, System Operators, Governments, International Organisations, Utilities and Asset Owners on flexible asset integration with multiple energy markets.
Energy communities
We help municipalities to analyze their flexibility potential in order to become energy-independent.

Why choose CyberNoc platform

We offer a full range of consultancy and implementation services to help you to optimize and monetize your flexibilities. With our European-wide expertise on energy markets and specifically on ancillary services markets, we cover your whole value chain from flexible asset connection to marketing.

We automate your processes from generation to storage, transmission, and end-consumption, right through to bidding.
Optimize energy value chains with full regulatory compliance
Do you want to increase your revenues, and monetize your energy assets on balancing markets? CyberGrid is a leading European expert in smart grid solutions and energy markets with long-established partnerships. Together with you, we deliver consulting and support services to help you develop new business models, meeting all requirements of EU-deregulated markets.
Tap into energy markets – with CyberGrid
We provide professional consultancy services for energy flexibility development, such as within industrial processes and market monetization of large energy assets. With CyberGrid, you can explore new market possibilities, creating a strong and diversified European energy portfolio with significant growth options and developing environmentally sustainable energy production.
“Strong and active collaboration of CyberGrid in Horizon Europe and ETIP SNET is enriching the European innovation landscape with visionary ideas and solutions for a sustainable and green energy future.“
Antonello Monti
“With CyberGrid technology, we have the key to energy autonomy in the Austrian province of Salzburg. Together with CyberGrid’s experienced team, we co-developed new product offerings based on locally generated electricity. And that’s what counts to our energy-aware regional consumers: Even small-scale water plants make a significant contribution to a secure and clean supply of electricity.“
Stefanie Kritzer
Salzburg AG
“The pioneering role of CyberGrid in introducing demand response flexibility to the balancing markets helped ELES turn towards innovative balancing solutions, which initiated a stream of further developments in the field of deep electrification.“
Uroš Salobir
ELES (Slovenia)

We offer results

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