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Evaluation and validation of a hybrid virtual power plant concept including electricity generation from renewables

  • Design, evaluation, and validation of a hybrid virtual power plant
  • Integration of renewables
  • Implemented in Slovenia and Austria

The aim of the project hybrid-VPP4DSO was the design, evaluation, and validation of a hybrid virtual power plant concept, including electricity generation from renewable resources as well as consumer-related measures (provision of negawatts) to optimize the power system. Network and market driven approaches were combined, especially to provide services for the requirements of distribution grid operators.

A hybrid virtual power plant

The simulation-based development of the hybrid-VPP-concept was performed with real company data. After successful validation, a proof of concept in two specific network areas in Slovenia and Austria was put in place. Furthermore, the possibilities for business models, technical and not-technical barriers of the VPP market were evaluated.

Coordinator: AIT
Project partners: CyberGrid, TU Vienna, Energetic Solutions, Grazer Energieagentur, Elektro Ljubljana, Stromnetz Steiermark, Energie Steiermark, Elektro Energija
R&D programme: KLIEN/FFG e!
Time frame: 2014–2016

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