InteGrid, a project designed to bring consumers closer to the energy system and its technology

Integrid project was successfully completed in October 2020.
It was demonstrated that DSO can enable all stakeholders to take an active role in energy markets and distribution grid management.

Over the upcoming fours years, a consortium of 14 organisations from 8 European countries will be working on InteGrid, a H2020 project on low carbon energy. It is aimed at bridging the gap between citizens and the various players in the smart grids field by demonstrating how DSOs can allow all participants in the energy system to get actively involved in the market. The mix of commercial and research entities in this professional multinational group ensures that the interests of all parties are being met to achieve the best possible results while applying new approaches in data management and consumer involvement.

Financed by the European Commission, InteGrid makes a valuable contribution to the EU energy sector by developing and implementing actual business models, and delivering real-time demonstration results. InteGrid will enable utilities, aggregators, and other energy agents to move towards market facilitation while meeting consumer-driven needs like security, quality of supply, and sustainability. This is achieved by creating scalable and replicable solutions in an integrated environment.

(in Portuguese, with English subtitles)

cyberGRID is involved throughout the entire duration of the project, with particular engagement in the work packages with the objective of preparing and monitoring demonstration activities, as well as ensuring the models’ self-sustainability. Our team will be focused on improving the grid user active participation prototypes, and on setting up and integrating the necessary tools and hardware based on a smart architecture.

The InteGrid consortium, a multinational group of energy experts from 8 countries

Partners: InteGrid was kicked off in Lisbon in January of 2017. It is headed by EDP Distribuição, a DSO from Portugal. Other members are DSO from Slovenia and Sweden (Elektro Ljubljana and Ellevio); industrial companies (cyberGRID, GE, SAP); industrial consumers (Águas de Portugal), a start-up expert in community engagement (SIM) and R&D institutions (INESC TEC, KTH, AIT, Comillas University, CNET and DNV-GL).

Coordinator: EDP Distribuição
R&D Programme: Horizon 2020
Time Frame: 2017–2021


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation Programme under the grant agreement no. 731218.

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