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Smart Energy Summit 2023

The Smart Energy Summit 2023 is focused on distributed flexibility to maximize the local self-optimization. This development would solve congestion challenges and avoid costly grid reinforcements, while benefiting the consumers and the energy market as a whole.

This biennial event will tackle different topics that impact the development of local energy optimizations: 

  • Financing: a key element for businesses and consumers in order to deploy local self-optimization programs.
  • Innovation in Local Optimization: to further boost trading and sharing strategies at local level, beyond energy communities and flexibility markets.
  • Flexibility Markets Monetization: to benefit and optimize local optimization and interoperable systems.

CyberGrid is sponsoring the summit, as a key player in flexibility markets monetization with the award-winning technology CyberNoc.

smartEn (Smart Energy Europe) | EURACTIV's Agenda

Event details

Brussels, Belgium
Apr 19, 2023
Apr 19, 2023

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