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Flexibility management platform

Cooperative Flexibility Platform

With the CFP (Cooperative Flexibility Platform), energy asset owners now have a new business model empowering them to organize themselves as cooperatives. Within H2020 project Crossbow, CyberGrid contributed to the development of the Cooperative Ownership of Flexibility Assets, a platform with an innovative business model.

It represents an interesting means for local residential communities to create new revenue streams, as they can now collect their energy assets from PV panels or from wind and monetize them on different energy markets. The cooperative ownership of flexibility assets concept is matched with existing regulations, while remaining sufficiently general to support existing flexibility assets, like VPPs and DR systems. Furthermore, by design it allows for multinational ownership of flexibility assets.

Distinguished Technology: the CFP was added to the league of high-potential EU-funded innovations featured in the "EU Innovation Radar".

Watch this 11 min webinar on the Cooperative Flexibility Platform (CFP) developed within project Crossbow!

Read more about CyberGrid's contribution to Crossbow

Author: Nicole Klyma
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