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CyberGrid receiving the Power Network Innovation Award

CyberGrid is the winner of the Power Network Innovation Award 2019

We are proud to announce that our Flexibility Aggregation platform CyberNoc became one of two winners of the 2nd Power Network Innovation Award, hosted by E.DSO and ENTSO-E. Chosen among more than 30 projects, our ICT platform was named one of the most innovative and relevant technical solutions for Europe’s future power network.

The recognition took place during the InnoGrid conference in Brussels, where over 400 representatives from EU institutions and the whole energy innovation community met to acknowledge all contributors. Receiving the award, Peter Nemcek, CyberGrid’s CTO and Co-Founder, said: “This award proves we are on the right track. It also shows that flexibilities have a bright future in Europe.”

CyberNoc is an innovative platform that is already implemented in Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. Additionally, this pioneering technology is integrated into multiple EU-wide innovation projects to promote decarbonization efforts. After receiving the award, Mr. Nemcek pointed out that the integration of CyberNoc and various other grid technologies add a new level of possibilities to prosumers’ energy assets. And this is where the “game” becomes really interesting.

Peter Nemcek, CyberGrid's CTO and Co-Founder.

CyberNoc’s unique features include automatic collection of measurement data, calculation of baselines, forecasting and aggregation of loads, renewable energy sources, and batteries. Advanced optimization and control algorithms build a combination of available resources for each curtailment event and execute them in a timely manner. Other functionalities such as product prediction, bidding, and merit order, give additional support to the customer’s daily trading operation.

Power Network Innovation Award 2019.
 Picture credits: InnoGrid
Author: Nicole
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