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CyberGrid presented Tools for Empowering Energy Market Players at Smarter E Europe 2019

Showcasing technology and innovations, CyberGrid’s Head of European Public Affairs and Regulation, Cami Dodge-Lamm was invited to the smarter E Europe 2019 in Munich in May to present tools for empowering market players to successfully participate in energy markets.

The panel, titled “Democratizing Wholesale Markets: Energy Trading in a Decentralizing World”, was headed by experts from the smart renewable systems field to exchange ideas and discuss the tools for expanding the wholesale electricity market to new players. Featuring CyberGrid’s innovative ICT system, CyberNoc, in the context of efficient energy trading, Ms. Dodge-Lamm exhibited how this technology is rolled out in five EU-funded H2020 R&D projects, facilitating the aggregation of flexibilities and their monetization on different electricity markets.

“CyberGrid’s technology is designed to boost the efficient use of flexibilities, renewable energies, and batteries, so it is exciting to see tangible results for grid operators and markets.” Cami Dodge-Lamm

The goals and strategies of two EU-wide projects, Crossbow and Magnitude, were highlighted as R&D efforts to develop tools and business models to tackle market challenges and focus on the integration of batteries, cross border trading, and optimizing multi-energy carriers synergies. Ms. Dodge-Lamm pointed out the increased interest from aggregators and energy asset owners on the intra-day market, the need to reduce non-technical barriers, and that energy flexibility is becoming more important than ever.

“Democratizing wholesale markets must involve activities to allow consumers and distributed generators to provide energy services within an attractive business environment. With CyberGrid's contribution, EU-wide H2020 projects lay the groundwork to enhance the availability of flexibilities and improve the offerings of the wholesale energy market and intraday market«, she concludes.


Foto credits: Noelani Dubeta   and   Andres Pinto-Bello


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