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CyberGrid’s brand is redesigned

We are happy to release our brand-new appearance with many cool-looking visual assets in a major brand overhaul. It’s a custom-made outfit, beautifully designed by Tomaz Hocevar. Over the past months we have worked together to define our company’s strategic direction. Based on these conversations in highly productive MS Teams calls, our designer has developed something truly great. Our new look is very smart and crystal-clear, and fully in line with our newly emerged company values.

Our vision

We believe that all energy generated, stored and consumed should be renewable and flexible.

Our mission

We strive to unlock and manage distributed power flexibility to make it useful for a variety of power system use cases.

Check out the different visual assets in our new brand:

Aren’t these just splendid?

A brand-new logo

A stylish new website >

A dandy new brochure >

CyberGrid has formed a new brand to highlight the innovativeness and sharpness of our cutting-edge software platform.

Do you see the purple grid?

It’s a perfect symbol for our product CyberNoc, the perfect solution for all stakeholders in a smart grid.

Do you see the clarity of the new logo?

This simplicity perfectly accentuates CyberNoc’s distinct and useful features, for the benefit of our customers:

  • Seamless integration of loads, renewables and battery storage.
  • Automated bidding on various energy markets.

How? It’s easy: With our cloud-based and interoperable architecture for a more reliable and greener grid.

Find out more about our platform here > PLATFORM

Our redesign was presented at ENLIT Europe 2022 for the 1st time. #EnlitEurope2022

What are your thoughts on the new logo?

Get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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