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The Smarter E Award

CyberNoc wins the Smarter E Award 2024

The CyberNoc flexibility management platform has been awarded in the category "Smart Integrated Energy" at the Smarter E Award 2024. The award ceremony took place on the 19th of June at Messe München. We are deeply honored to receive this award and grateful to everyone.

The 'Smart Integrated Energy' category aims to demonstrate the energy industry's trend towards increased use of automated solutions to market renewable energy sources and leverage battery storage systems. This category is focused on the stabilization of power grids, increased efficiency, and renewable energy sources.

CyberNoc Flexibility Management Platform

The CyberNoc software adds intelligence and scalability, while seamlessly integrates and monetizes distributed resources for a secure and clean grid. It is a one-stop shop and control platform that operates on a second-by-second basis. CyberNoc optimizes distributed flexibilities, through automatization and interoperability; covering the whole value chain from generation to storage, transmission, and end-consumption, right through to bidding.   

In the ongoing transformation of the power supply industry, we are moving away from centralized generation to distributed generation, to integrate flexible resources such as renewable energies, industrial and commercial loads, energy storage systems, residential users/producers, and others.

CyberNoc provides seamless and secure flexibility aggregation and monetization on different electricity markets (ancillary services, balancing, intraday, day-ahead, etc.) and can be used by network operators, retailers, and implemented in smart city solutions, among others. 

The flexibility management plartform is already supporting and connected to the European market platforms PICASSO, for the exchange of balancing energy from automatic Frequency Restoration Reserves (aFRR), and MARI, focused on the manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR). 

Click here to check the CyberNoc´s demo.

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