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InterConnect project

Data exchanges between grid operators and market parties – What’s needed?

CyberGrid’s Senior Project Manager Christoph Gutschi discusses the importance of interoperability to boost data exchanges between grid operators and market parties, highlighting the InterConnect project. Optimising the use of EU-sourced flexible assets from prosumers, and other demand-response resources, is necessary to contribute to a reliable, clean, and efficient energy system. Furthermore, expanding the reach of flexibility into the energy markets will help to build the business case for this resource.

To support these efforts data-related policies are needed to accelerate the evolution of Europe’s grid. Earlier this month, smartEn hosted an online workshop to shed light on prosumer data exchanges to enable seamless flexibility integration into TSO-DSO markets.

It particularly focused on:

1) the necessary data to activate the full demand-side flexibility potential of all consumers, and

2) the challenges and opportunities of data access and interoperability.

This workshop included a panel discussion amongst industry experts, including CyberGrid's Senior Project Manager, Dr. Christoph Gutschi.

"Interoperability will help decrease costs of flexibility services…The InterConnect Project is a very ambitious project that focuses on interoperability. These outcomes should be used to extend the [IT] standards and reported to ETSI.” Dr. Christoph Gutschi, Senior Project Manager at CyberGrid

During the discussion, panelists highlighted many issues, including what is needed to support interoperable solutions and European-wide harmonization of data spaces. Dr. Gutschi argued that  the continuously evolving nature of the market increases its challenges, but this can be addressed when, for example, interoperability is embedded into the energy system. IT solutions such as CyberGrid's flexibility management platform, CyberNoc, and supporting research initiatives, such as InterConnect offer pathways to simplifying this complexity.

InterConnect Letters

Within the context of InterConnect, CyberGrid is focusing on enabling interoperability with DSO/TSO markets for flexibility, and creating an ontology data model for energy services based on SARAF.

smartEn panel interoperability

Click here to hear Dr. Gutschi’s full set of comments about InterConnect during the smartEn panel discussion.

Read more about CyberGrid's role in EU-project InterConnect  >

Author: Nicole Klyma
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