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Philip Schäffer's presentation at the 3rd Energy Transformation Summit

Green the Flex presentation at the 3rd Energy Transformation Summit

CyberGrid has exhibited its award-winning technology and presented Green the Flex (GtF) at the 3rd Energy Transformation Summit organized by the Sneffels. The event has been held from Wednesday 15th until Friday 17th of March in Berlin.

Green the Flex is an innovation project, which aims to bring clean technologies and energy resources to the markets. The selected venue for the event was the Eurostars Berlin, where key leaders from the energy sector have come together to boost sustainability and the transformation towards a green energy ecosystem.

CyberGrid has been the Bronze Sponsor of the event, and Mr. Philip Schäffer, Head of Business Development at CyberGrid, was one of the speakers. He presented Green the Flex on Wednesday, 15th of March, at 15.50 pm. He has brought to the table innovative insights to be considered by those who want to be part of the solution, integrating flexibilities and boosting the deployment of renewables. What is more, this flexibility management platform reduces costs and generates new revenues.

These are a few topics that have been tackled during his presentation:

-       Unlocking the Flexibility of 3000 homes

-       Mass EV Charging control

-       Monetizing 5 GWh per year

-       Saving 3500 tonnes CO2 per year

More information about the event: 3rd Energy Transformation | The Sneffels

Green the Flex

This project is coordinated by EVN and it has been possible thanks to the EU Innovation Fund. Green the Flex aims to integrate flexibility from renewables and achieve significant greenhouse gas emission reductions through intelligent electricity load-shifting management.

Around 3000 small decentralized devices are going to be integrated into a virtual power plant (VPP), such as  heat pumps, heating rod, PV storage systems, electric vehicles and its car charging stations, and other end customer devices. This VPP has the capacity to shift demand of 4.4 GWh annually from peak-hour to off-peak hour and make more than 6 MW of power accessible to the grid. The integration of renewables can diminish the need for fossil fuel peak load plants. Furthermore, the solution can provide ancillary grid services in order to avoid greenhouse gas emissions that conventional technologies produce.

Active flexibility management in real time optimizes consumption savings and creates new revenue sources, while facilitating the utilization of energy in different markets, beyond the conventional ones. This solution is fully integrated vertically and horizontally, which allows you to have all the parameters under control in only one platform.  

It is a cost effective solution that fosters energy efficiency and renewable generation, which may be used in the future to support Energy Communities.

Discover more about Green the Flex: European Commission-Fiche-Green the Flex

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