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Japanese utilities interested in VPP solutions

A growing number of utilities are implementing new technologies to increase and integrate distributed resources, such as batteries, wind, and solar energy.In a recent tour to Europe, a delegation of about 15 representatives from Japan’s largest utilities requested a presentation of CyberGrid’s services to gain a deeper understanding on the development of VPP solutions, and on our technology’s role for achieving sustainable decarbonisation.

Marko Svetina (CEO), Peter Nemcek (CTO), and Christoph Gutschi (Senior Project Manager) explained how our innovative ICT platform CyberNoc enables the favourable integration of renewable energies and storage devices, and how this technology is being applied in ongoing EU-wide innovation projects InteGrid and Magnitude.In InteGrid, CyberGrid is developing scalable and replicable solutions in an integrated environment to allow utilities, aggregators, and other energy agents to participate in the market while always meeting consumer-driven needs like security, quality of supply, and sustainability. In Magnitude, CyberGrid’s role is to design and develop business and market mechanisms to increase flexibility of the European electricity system, by achieving synergies among electricity, gas and heat systems.[caption id="attachment_9927" align="aligncenter" width="302"]


Christoph Gutschi presenting H2020 project InteGrid[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_9939" align="aligncenter" width="300"]


Magnitude (H2020) seeks to attain synergies from the various energy systems[/caption]VPPs are at the heart of the energy transition, as they can help storage units and other flexible resources earn revenues from energy markets. The markets thus become more accessible, which positively affects their liquidity and investment security.


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