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January 19th, 2021|General|

The energy community: The sharing economy as a driver in the energy transition

“If the sharing economy can work in other industries – why not in the energy market?” Marko Svetina, CEO at cyberGRID.


December 23rd, 2020|General|

Monetization on the Markets: Strengthening the business case for flexible energy assets

A battery stores clean energy to be used later, but it can also generate extra income for the community.


November 27th, 2020|General|

InteGrid – Final event

The 4-year EU-funded project InteGrid project is now completed. It proved that DSO can enable all stakeholders to actively participate in the energy market and distribution grid management.


November 27th, 2020|General|

Project MAESHA: Clean energy for islands

Demonstration of smart and flexible solutions for a decarbonised energy future in Mayotte and other European islands.


November 12th, 2020|General|

JOB OPENING: Software Developer (Java)

Seeking: JAVA developer


November 3rd, 2020|General|

Project FutureFlow: Runner-Up of the 2020 ISGAN Award

ISGAN Awards- Runner-Up: FutureFlow, a 4-year EU-project for the integration of renewable energy sources with cyberGRID’s participation was named second best.


August 5th, 2020|General|

Energy network interoperability is key to sustainability

With the growing availability of renewable energy sources and battery storage, interoperable solutions are needed to enable the optimal integration of these distributed resources into the grid.


July 28th, 2020|General|

cyberGRID Software to Connect 2.000 Flexible Energy Assets in Pan-European Interoperability Project

Press release: Austrian energy tech company cyberGRID is part of a € 36 million EU-funded project designed to bring efficient energy management within the reach of end-users.


June 4th, 2020|General|

Projects Crossbow, InterConnect, and Talent presented at Energy Community

cyberGRID’s CEO, Marko Svetina, presented three H2020 projects focusing on energy storage and interoperability between flexibilities in a webinar hosted by the Energy Community.


May 22nd, 2020|General|