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Projects Crossbow, InterConnect, and Talent presented at Energy Community

CyberGrid's CEO, Marko Svetina, presented three H2020 projects focusing on energy storage and interoperability between flexibilities in a webinar hosted by the Energy Community.Because climate change is a serious threat, Europe is engaging in full-speed decarbonisation efforts, such as the Green Deal to make the EU economy more sustainable and to strive to be the first climate-neutral continent.

No batteries, no decarbonisation

For decarbonisation to work, the continued shift away from fossil fuels is key. The increased use of renewable energy sources from wind, solar and hydro power is a strong foundation to reduce emissions and the carbon-intensity of their electricity. With Europe’s goal to become climate-neutral by 2050, the essential driver for the future energy system is storage. Because with energy storage, a high penetration of energy from renewable sources is made possible.Energy Community webinar on energy storageBatteries and storage systems represent a strategic part in the ongoing transition to clean mobility, clean energy systems, and ultimately, to decarbonisation. So the Energy Community invited four experienced panelists to share knowledge on the various aspects of storage systems, including technology, costs, services, and the regulatory environment.Pooling flexible resourcesIn his panelist presentation on May 19, Marko Svetina (CEO) showcased CyberGrid’s proprietary ICT-technology with its ability to pool flexible resources into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Based on scalable algorithms, this platform unlocks the flexible potential from consumers, distributed generators and storage devices. Since this cross-border solution has been applied and proven in several European-wide research projects under the H2020 program, Mr Svetina presented three EU projects currently underway:H2020 projects presentedProject Crossbow focuses on the integration of batteries into a sustainable energy system to leverage the battery value chain, from materials to system integration and recycling. CyberGrid’s involvement will entail the development of the cooperative ownership of flexibility assets and the creation of a toolset for the transnational ancillary and wholesale market, respectively.


Project InterConnect aims to advance the democratization of efficient energy management by demonstrating a real digital flexibility market for electrical systems. Using its Flexibility Aggregation Platform (VPP), CyberGrid will lead efforts to integrate all 7 pilot demonstrations. Project results are expected to ensure energy-efficiency at reduced costs that is beneficial to end-users.


Project TALENT’s main objective is to achieve the increase of batteries penetration in the grid. CyberGrid leads the development of a distributed architecture for the management of decentralised and hybridised energy systems. The goal is to develop an optimisation method to increase battery life.


All four panelist presentations emphasized the fact that even today there was a strong business case for investing into energy storage. In terms of policy, authorities should enable the increased use of energy storage, with market-based mechanisms, compliant with State rules.More Information:


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