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Special mention in InteGrid newsletter

Read up on the latest developments in project InteGrid! In this H2020 project's final newsletter of the year 2019, CyberGrid made two contributions :Peter Nemcek, CTO at CyberGrid, gave the Welcome note, emphasizing the role of DSOs in the future energy landscape. With the rise of storage systems, this type of flexibility is becoming increasingly useful to DSO and the entire energy market, like in Slovenia, where, CyberGrid connected the stationary battery of Elektro Ljubljana to technical and commercial VPPs in order to study its characteristics and to develop advanced forecasting and optimization algorithms for aggregated flexibility management.In a second contribution to the newsletter, CyberGrid published the most recent press release entitled "Ensuring Reliable Communication in Smart Grids", describing how CyberGrid’s ICT solution acts as the switchboard between flexibility providers and DSO. Since increased feed-in from renewable energy sources necessitates an interconnected planning of the grid with smart technologies, our flexibility aggregation platform plays an important role in the optimization of distribution grid operation, as demonstrated in project InteGrid.Read the full InteGrid newsletter here >>


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