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Still working towards the decarbonisation of the energy system

Dear partners and customers,

Even just a few weeks ago, all of us were going about our business in our bustling cities, making a living, and contributing to the success of others.

Overnight, all of our expectations and short-term goals were overthrown with lockdowns imposed in many countries, messing with our daily lives. All of sudden we find ourselves running businesses in an empty office, teaching our children at home, and ensuring the health of those around us. Change is never easy, but right now the priority is to stop the spread of the virus.

Here at CyberGrid, we are committed to support you, your energy business and society in general. Keeping your energy assets connected and keeping the lights on across Europe is always our purpose.

But it has never been more important than in this situation to continue to work towards a greener, brighter and more sustainable future. As countless businesses are keeping their employees safe by sending them home, financial figures for sectors like hospitality, transport, travel and many others are seriously suffering from the Covid19-pandemic.

Decarbonisation of the energy system

At CyberGrid, we always value good relations and good energy. So today we are grateful to the aggregators and grid operators of the energy network, as they maintain normal operations in these difficult times.

During the ongoing crisis we continue to work towards the decarbonisation of the energy system, because we believe it will be a key element of European economic revitalisation. So when hurt industries return to their normal business activity, the green lights on their computers, cash registers and monitors will be powered by a cleaner, more efficient energy system.

Sending health and solidarity to you across Europe!

Please reach out to us if you have questions regarding our presence during Covid19.

Best regards,

Marko Svetina CEO cyberGRID
Marko Svetina, Managing Director

Peter Nemcek, CTO
Peter Nemcek, CTO
Author: Nicole

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