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Stadtwerke Amstetten's BESS and hydropower plant management

Strategic alliance with Stadtwerke Amstetten for combined BESS and Hydropower monetization

Stadtwerke Amstetten and CyberGrid initiated a strategic collaboration to efficiently manage the planned utility's battery storage facility in combination with the hydropower plant; control and optimize its operations; and monetize the energy generated by the electric utility in the short-term electricity markets. CyberGrid is supporting the municipal utility with its software solution CyberNoc - a flexibility management platform that seamlessly integrates renewable energy into the grid and connects it to the power market.

With the integration of the battery energy storage system (BESS), Sadtwerke Amstetten will take advantage of their electricity generation and compensate the grid when there is an imbalance - which means that there is a disparity between the supply and the demand for electricity in the energy market. Therefore, the battery storage system can balance generation and consumption in times when there is too much or too little electricity in the grid.

The aggregation of flexibility is crucial to cope with the fluctuations of the energy market, specially considering the high penetration and intermittency of renewable energy. CyberNoc offers a more efficient utilization of self-produced energy and the opportunity to get better prices when selling the energy on the power market.

Stadtwerke Amstetten's hydropower plant.

How can the combination of BESS and Hydropower Plants be monetized? 

By combining hydropower generation with energy storage technologies such as batteries, hydropower plants can enhance their flexibility and responsiveness to market conditions, capturing additional value from market opportunities. To effectively monetize the hydropower plant in the energy market, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of the power market, the regulatory environment, as well as to optimize the operation of the plant to maximize efficiency and profitability.

BESS can help integrate renewable energy sources into the grid by storing excess of energy when it is available and dispatching it when renewable generation is low, thus contributing to grid stability. Strategies to participate in the energy market differ according to market regulations, grid needs, and the capabilities of the storage system.

The energy generated in Stadtwerke Amstetten's hydropower plant will be stored in the battery to efficiently utilize it whenever it is needed or it can provide the best results in terms of returns on investment and revenue streams. The municipal utility is already monetizing the hydropower plant's flexibility in the secondary and tertiary balancing markets, that is to say, in the automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR) and manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR) that help to keep grid stability.

Overall, it is important to optimize the operation of storage systems; identify revenue opportunities; and stay informed about evolving market trends, policies, and innovations that can increase your competitiveness in the energy market.

About Stadtwerke Amstetten

Stadtwerke Amstetten provides the city of Amstetten with electricity, water, district heating, and mobility services. In order to guarantee the quality of their services and comply with their vision, they keep three values in mind: security of supply, quality of life, and the future of energy. Moreover, their mission is to find and offer resource-saving and sustainable solutions for a green future.

How do you envision this partnership benefiting your current operations? 

We are convinced that we will get the best performance of our systems in terms of economic and ecological aspects.

What are the main milestones you plan to accomplish with this partnership?

The first milestone has been already reached by the integration of the hydropower plant to the CyberNoc Flexibility Management Platform. The next milestone is the integration of our planned BESS to the software and the combination of both systems - water power and BESS.

When will the battery be up and running? 

We are planning to install the battery at the end of this year or beginning of the next one. Currently, we are in a procurement process.

How is the CyberNoc software already optimizing your flexibilities? 

We are part of the energy balancing market (tertiary control) with our hydropower plant using the CyberNoc software.

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