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Horizon 2020 EU funded projects

Successful Workshop among H2020 energy projects

In a joint workshop, fellow energy projects in the H2020 program exchanged ideas on how to boost the provision of additional flexibilities to the grid. Project EASY-RES organized a workshop in December 2021, joining five EU-funded energy projects to discuss their valuable contributions towards the energy transition. In particular, the workshop's focus was placed on the increased aggregation of distributed renewable energy sources (DRES) and on the smooth integration of storage systems for a decarbonized energy future.

Workshop with synergies among H2020 projects

At the workshop, fellow projects EASY-RES, ATTEST, INTERPRETER, MAESHA, TALENT presented their respective scope of activities and objectives. WindEurope and the Regulatory Authority for Energy in Greece gave policy reviews at the workshop. All of these projects are designed to facilitate the penetration of a maximum of renewable energy sources into the European energy system, but they revolve around different target areas of attention. While some projects are working to improve the coordination and policies between TSO and DSO, other projects are focused on distribution system services, like improving voltage control with different ICT services, etc.

MAESHA and TALENT projects

As a partner in the consortia of participating projects MAESHA and TALENT, CyberGrid is developing new modules to their proprietary flexibility management platform to respond to the needs of distributed energy networks in different European locations.

In the project MAESHA, CyberGrid’s technology helps to improve the stability of the electrical grid on geographical islands, as they are shifting away from fossil fuels to clean energy.

In the project TALENT, CyberGrid is developing modular, scaleable and safe solutions to enable a decentralised and hybridised energy management system, with integrated batteries.The workshop was successful, as participants learned from other projects with the common goal to build a sustainable power grid based on renewable energy sources.

Helpful Infographic

During the workshop, professional graphic recorder Guido Schlaich took live notes of the discussions, producing a very helpful infographic to illustrate the synergies and differences among the participating projects. This so-called graphic recording of the event gives a great visual summary of the key take-aways for smart and flexible solutions towards a decarbonized energy future:

EASY-RES workshop with MAESHA and TALENT participation
Copyright: Guido SchlaichCongratulations to Mr Guido Schlaich for this excellent graphic recording of the EASY-RES workshop.
Author: Nicole Klyma
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