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Network operator

Solution for network operators

Due to various parameters, the importance of optimizing the network operations is getting higher and higher: growing supply-demand imbalance – coupled with the increased introduction of fluctuating energy sources and new technologies integrated to the grid are just some of them.

Maintaining the security of supply will amplify your role as a network operator within the energy value chain. This will require the deployment of new technologies in order to be able to deal with the upcoming issues of grid stability and the coordination of market action.

CyberNoc empowers you as a network operator with end-to-end visibility that is essential for efficient grid management:

CyberNoc enables you to respond quickly to new information. CyberNoc's close-to-real-time-information on connected low- and medium-voltage-level resources increases both the monitoring and the grid-control-capabilities and enables you to respond quickly to distress on the grid. By grouping loads according to the geographical location, various resource parameters, customer parameters, etc. Help you figure out and define suitable demand response products that can be activated when needed

Integrating CyberNoc with it´s existing control tools, smart metering, micro grid management solutions and various other grid technologies adds a new level of possibilities to your existing assets. Last but not least: with CyberNoc, you can provide additional benefits to your connected customers. Having close-to-real-time-consumption-information will encourage the efficient management of the consumers´ consumption patterns as well as of new opportunities to trade on the market.


  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase the quality and security or power supply
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Peak demand shaving
  • Manage micro grids and renewables

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