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Solution for retailers

The Third Energy Package for Electricity & Gas Markets and the Framework Guidelines on Network Balancing from the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) are opening new opportunities for demand side management:

They both encourage the use of tools for aggregation of small generation units and different loads and the use of the flexible capacity to participate in balancing services. In other words, the Network Code on Balancing encourages wider facilitation of demand response and supports virtual power plants like CyberNoc to become Balance Service Provider.

CyberNoc is an ideal solution to connect distributed generation and consumers in real-time, aggregate capacity and execute events in times of need. As a retailer with access to consumers and markets, you can use the aggregated capacity to bid in ancillary services markets, trade on Intra-Day- and Day-Ahead-Markets and minimize imbalance risks within your balance group.

By connecting your consumers to CyberNoc you can offer them new services, direct access to energy- and capacity-markets and define new revenue-packages.


  • Additional market revenues
  • Increase customer base
  • Attract new customers by offering new products
  • Reduce imbalance costs
  • Minimize price volatility risk
  • Monetize customers’ flexibility

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