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Vertically integrated communities

Solution for vertically integrated communities

CyberNoc enables you to optimize your energy value chain, from generation to grid and consumers.With demand side management from CyberNoc, you can engage your consumers to better manage peak demand and voltage regulation. Using smart metering and real-time information will help you manage grids better, reduce the number of outages and hence improve your quality of power supply. CyberNoc will help you optimize your generation portfolio, even if your grid has lots of renewables connected.

While integrating consumers in different demand response programs, you can offer new services to them and more actively participate in the energy and capacity markets. Additionally, demand side management can help you manage the imbalance for balancing responsible party.


  • Optimize  energy value chain
  • Peak shaving during high demand
  • High quality and security of power supply
  • Voltage regulation
  • Optimize your generation portfolio

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