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FlexRegler prequalification

FlexRegler's successful prequalification

Why did we newly prequalify?

The new ancillary service trading & control system FlexRegler has been installed and integrated with the EVN SCADA and will replace the old platform in July 2023.

FlexRegler takes over the communication with the Austrian Power Grid (APG), including the trading Application Programming Interface (API), Automot for mFRR activation, and real-time data; as well as the communication and control of third-party assets; and additionally provides an Autotrader for ancillary services (FCR, aFRR, mFRR) that will simplify the work of EVN’s traders. Furthermore, FlexRegler is hosted geo-redundantly in a cloud, which is a major change compared to the old system.

The key element for the development and implementation of FlexRegler is the Flexibility Management Platform CyberNoc, a state-of-the-art cleantech solution that now has launch the version 6.

The transition of the control reserve markets to control reserve cooperation brings with it new market requirements. And the short-term nature implies new challenges and opportunities that must be taken into account in the system landscape.

What did we succeed in with the prequalification?

The prequalification process comprises an updated description of asset parameters and the technical description of the new trading & control platform. APG, the national transmission system operator (TSO), tested the activation of one of EVN’s main hydropower plants and the real-time data exchange between EVN/FlexRegler and two primary substations of APG. Special emphasis was given to the asset performance for aFRR provision as well as to the redundant communication between EVN/FlexRegler and APG.

With the prequalification, we have proven the suitability of the new system landscape of FlexRegler.

What is the new element compared to the existing prequalification?

The FlexRegler replaces the old system and enables EVN to participate in the new Austrian mFRR market, and to automatically optimize and trade with the new trading API provided by APG.

The new FlexRegler system combines the new shorter-term bid creation and accepted bids processing with the reserve control of existing balancing power plants with new flexibilities. The often underestimated settlement and billing is also supported by the new system.

What are CyberGrid's and EVN’s contributions?

The software and control specialists of CyberGrid have been working closely with the market experts and communication experts of EVN to ensure the smooth transition to the new system. Eventually, detailed IT Security reviews and penetration tests were performed to ensure the state-of-the art in data and system security.

How does it relate with PICASSO and MARI?

The go-live of MARI in Austria in June 2023 would not have been supported by the old platform. From July 2023 onwards, FlexRegler will trade and provide aFRR and mFRR flexibility to the Austrian TSO, which is fully integrated in the MARI and PICASSO cooperation. FlexRegler supports the significant changes in the Austrian ancillary service markets related to the integration with the programs MARI and PICASSO.

What is the impact for the serviced asset owners?

EVN & CyberGrid serve as the one-stop-shop for asset owners to participate in the TSO’s markets. Our core philosophy is to provide a smooth and low effort experience for the asset owner.

Thanks to FlexRegler, flexibility assets can get access to the Austrian ancillary service markets and earn additional revenues.

Through CyberGrid's highly integrated and automized IT systems and EVN's experienced trading team, flexible assets can be brought to all Austrian flexibility markets. EVN & CyberGrid take care of all the entire value change from optimization and trading, to dispatch, and real-time monitoring, and finally reporting and accounting. Our services reduce the operational and administrative efforts of the asset owner to the absolute minimum.


Discover more about our Flexibility Management Platform CyberNoc, an award-winning technology.

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