Project TALENT kicked off in October of 2019, dealing with the challenges of adjusting the energy infrastructure to the growing demand for electricity.

This EU-wide project is led by the Spanish CARTIF technology center with the following objective: The existing electric grid needs to be transformed through innovative techniques to help the generation, transport and distribution of electric energy.

Because batteries and other storage systems make an essential contribution to this transformation, project TALENT’s main objective is to achieve the increase of batteries penetration in the grid.

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cyberGRID’s role

cyberGRID will lead the development for the management of decentralised energy systems. In this effort, algorithms will maximise the multi-service usage of the battery storage while minimizing battery ageing and loss of capacity. By extending battery life, fewer resources are required, which not only has a positive impact on economic capabilities. Using more storage devices ultimately also benefits the climate. Furthermore, cyberGRID’s technology offers valuable insight for the future production of more efficient batteries.

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